Ways to restore male potential

The problem of reduced potency is familiar to many men. Some suffer from erectile dysfunction throughout their life due to diseases, while others get acquainted with this unpleasant pathology in old age. There are also many young men who repeatedly face the problem of erectile dysfunction and seriously think about how to restore potency at home.

Restoration of potential with drugs and folk remedies

Causes of decreased sexual function in men

Often, the question of how to restore potency with folk remedies is asked by men who lead an inactive lifestyle. Until now, many representatives of the stronger sex are ashamed to visit a urologist to find out the cause of the disease. Sedentary lifestyle is the main reason that can reduce male libido and lead to impotence.

The problem can also arise after surgery or taking certain drugs, but in most cases, men deliberately refuse additional physical activity without thinking about the consequences. Factors such as alcohol consumption, smoking, poor diet and frequent stress aggravate the condition and contribute to the rapid development of problems related to male sexual function.

Ways to restore male potential

Restoration of potency in men is possible in several ways, their choice depends on the cause of the disease. If these are internal diseases of the body, sexually transmitted infections or hormonal disorders, it is impossible to fully restore the potential at home. Treatment should be prescribed by a specialist depending on the cause of the disease.

Other methods include:

  1. Restoration of potency using folk methods. This method is suitable if you need to restore male strength and strengthen a weakened body. Traditional medicines provide the body with a large amount of vitamins and minerals, and also promote the production of sex hormones.
  2. Take medicine. To restore an erection using this method, you need to visit a specialist and undergo tests. All drugs have contraindications and their dosage should be determined by the attending physician. Often, drugs help to restore potency only temporarily and do not eliminate the cause.
  3. Healthy lifestyle. With the help of a healthy lifestyle, the body is restored and at the same time the problem of erection is solved. This includes proper nutrition, physical activity and giving up bad habits.
  4. Giving up bad habits will help a man regain his potential
  5. Massage and exercise. You can overcome impotence with the help of special massages and exercises that promote blood flow to the pelvic organs. You can do exercises like massage at home.
  6. Surgical method. If the male body does not respond to all methods of restoring potency, a surgical operation is performed. But you should understand that this does not always guarantee success, and in case of failure, it will not be possible to restore the functions of the sexual organ.
  7. Therapy. The decrease in potency is due to the lack or excess of thyroid hormones, as well as testosterone. It is prescribed by a doctor based on tests and examination. Drug treatment for diabetes mellitus is also carried out.
  8. other methods. Restoration of potency at home is possible with the help of gel, spray and special preparations aimed at strengthening erection. Although these products are not approved by the Ministry of Health, they are popular.

Recovery of potency usually occurs after 2 years after removal of the prostate. If this does not happen, the same treatment of impotence as in other cases is possible. The removed prostate gland is not a reason to give up sex life, but you still should not self-medicate, and it is better to consult a specialist for the selection of drugs.

If the cause of this pathology is a hormonal imbalance or diseases of the internal organs, the complete restoration of libido and potential may take a long time, but do not despair. Once your body starts working properly, the potential problem will disappear on its own.

Preparations to restore potency

Many men are interested in how to restore an erection with the help of drugs. This method of restoring potency is the most common and affordable. However, almost all drugs that enhance erection have a short-term effect and are used before sexual intercourse. They help increase blood flow in the pelvic region.

The drug does not solve the main problem that caused the disease, but only has a temporary effect. However, many men improve significantly after a course of treatment prescribed by a specialist.

Phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors are approved by the Ministry of Health and are most often used to treat impotence. It is strictly forbidden to take them for diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

Other less common means will help restore libido and potency for a long time. They have a natural composition, but also have contraindications. Their effect does not occur as quickly as after taking PDE-5 inhibitors.

Many men are interested in how to restore potency after prostatitis. In this case, it is best to consult a doctor who will prescribe the most suitable medicine. In this case, 5α-reductase inhibitor is very popular. Only the attending physician can choose the dose depending on the condition of the body and individual characteristics.

Restoration of potency using folk methods

Folk remedies will not harm and have practically no contraindications. They are aimed not only at eliminating the cause of the disease, but also at general strengthening of the body. It is necessary to use it for a long time without interrupting the course of treatment.

  • Nettle decoction. This tool has a beneficial effect on blood composition and increases blood flow. The traditional method of treatment with nettle is to drink 50 ml of decoction three times a day. It is quite simple to prepare - add a tablespoon of nettle to a glass of boiling water and let it brew for several hours.
  • Honey products. You can restore male potency using folk methods using honey. To do this, it is diluted in equal proportions with chopped walnuts and the honey treatment is taken three times a day, two tablespoons. In general, the use of all honey products gives a positive result, because the general strengthening of the body occurs.
  • ginseng. Ginseng tincture, which you can make yourself or buy at the pharmacy, works well. You need to take 20 drops 3 times a day.
  • Rhodiola rhizomes. A fairly common remedy for restoring potency is Rhodiola tincture. To prepare it, you need to take half a liter of 40 percent alcohol and add 70 grams of dried plants to it. The container with the contents should be placed in a dark place for two weeks. Tincture is taken 20 drops several times a day before meals.
  • Garlic tincture. One kilogram of garlic should be chopped and boiled water should be poured into it. Put the jar in a dark place for a month and periodically shake the contents. Take one teaspoon a day with a glass of milk. This tool will help restore potency and strengthen the walls of blood vessels.
Garlic tincture to increase potency at home

Exercises and foods to restore potency

Special nutrition helps to restore male potential and improve the overall health of the body. It is worth giving up fatty, salty and smoked foods, giving preference to vegetables and fruits.

Helps in the production of male hormones:

  • Parsley.
  • Celery.
  • Sea products.
  • Onions and garlic.
  • Pepper.
  • Lemons.
  • Black radish.
  • Nuts and legumes.

Every morning should start with exercise. If you can train yourself to run in the morning, that's great. It is recommended to do exercises that promote blood flow to the genitals. One of these exercises involves tensing the muscles of the anus and perineum while breathing, holding the air for a few seconds. While exhaling, you should slowly relax your muscles. This exercise should be done several times a day about 10 times.