Nuts for male potency: 5 of the best

It helps to improve the functioning of the sexual sphere and at the same time gives energynuts for potency in men. In terms of useful properties and vitamin content, they can be safely called champions. With regular use, it improves men's health, increases libido and strengthens erection. Just 3-5 walnuts or cashews a day are enough to get daily energy and strength.


Since ancient times, folk healers have valued them for their invaluable contribution to human health. Therefore, they were necessarily included in the potions used to treat weakened people after illness. A similar product was recommended for men - for weakened erection and male infertility.

Modern researches confirm that due to the daily intake of these kernels, male power will be strong and strong. At the same time, it is simply impossible to give an unequivocal answer to which one is useful for men for erection - each variety has both advantages and disadvantages. It is better to pay attention to taste preferences, as well as existing somatic pathologies.

Thus, most contain:

  • amino acids - cystine with arginine, alanine with glutamic acid, as well as tryptophan, thanks to which the synthesis of hormones, for example, testosterone, increases;
  • special polyunsaturated fatty acids - palmitic, linoleic, stearic, necessary for the functioning of the cardiovascular and nervous systems;
  • macro-/microelements - zinc with sulfur, selenium with calcium, magnesium with potassium, cobalt with iodine, as well as iron, necessary for metabolic processes, good conduction of heart and nerve impulses, without which full sexual intercourse is impossible;
  • The vitamin series is represented by subgroup B, C, A, E - increases sexual endurance.

In fact, it is impossible to say exactly which nuts are more useful for male potency - walnuts, pine nuts or almonds with hazelnuts. It is better to buy and use them one by one to ensure a strong erection in any situation.

Nuts to increase potency in men

Useful features

It is impossible to assess the effect on the reproductive area. After all, they contain the maximum possible number of trace elements that are not produced in the body, but must come from outside.

Thus, proteins are a universal building material, but if they are not in sufficient quantity, sperm formation and sperm motility will suffer. Walnut helps to improve parameters of spermatogenesis. Thanks to the use of these kernels, the problem of male infertility is eliminated.

Timely production of neurotransmitters, especially serotonin, will be the key to strong erections and long-lasting sex. A mixture of nuts and dried fruits for potential for breakfast allows to have a natural effect on the activity of nerve cells.

The complete synthesis of male sex hormones is the main secret of the confidence of representatives of the brutal part of the population in their sexual capabilities. The main thing is testosterone. Zinc is needed for its formation. Cedar trees are able to maximally fill tissues with all trace elements.

When taken orally, the effect of peanuts, including cashews, on erection is invaluable - the man's sexual power increases, sensations in bed are more lively, sperm parameters are better.

The secret of walnut to increase potency

Even ancient Greek doctors preferred walnut kernels. They are rightly called the gift of the gods to men - due to their unique vitamin composition and a wide list of healing properties.

In general, how walnuts affect male potency:

  • has a general strengthening effect - protects the body's high protective barriers, prevents inflammatory diseases of the prostate;
  • effect on brain activity - improving mood, increasing the production of hormones, including testosterone;
  • correcting the activity of the thyroid gland - indirectly affecting hormonal levels;
  • prevent atherosclerosis, heart failure - improve blood flow to pelvic structures;
  • it saturates the cells with oxygen - thanks to its iron content, it directs the blood flow to the pelvic organs.

It is recommended to use the product - walnut with honey for men, a recipe for potency. Mix the crushed kernels with liquid honey and eat 1 teaspoon every morning and evening. Nuts themselves are also useful - it is enough to consume 8-10 grains per day to increase the daily amount of micronutrients.

Types of nuts that relieve men from erectile dysfunction

Peanuts for potency

Stressful situations and nervous overload, which are especially harmful to male strength, are the constant companions of modern men. They are the main cause of erectile dysfunction.

Therefore, peanuts are best for erection in this case. After entering the body, it corrects the work of nerve fibers, corrects depressive and post-stress disorders, restores strength and sexual energy.

Only 2 tbsp. l. for potency in men, crushed nuts should be mixed with liquid flower honey - this is a guarantee of a strong erection and an unforgettable experience from intimate intercourse. It is better to take the mixture 2-3 hours before the upcoming sexual intercourse.

To prevent inflammatory and malignant processes, nuts for potency in men, recipes can be found on the Internet, it is better to consume them daily, but in minimal quantities. After all, they can have a negative effect on other organs. For example, it can contribute to the lack of endocrine glands and the appearance of obesity.

However, when used properly, they promote the elimination of toxins, cell renewal, have antioxidant properties and also prevent premature aging. They are the first recommended by doctors.

Secret properties of almonds

If honey and walnuts are always present for potency in the real Casanova recipe, then not every man knows about almond kernels. At the same time, they also tend to increase erection and maintain sexual activity at a proper level. After all, according to their chemical composition, they are by no means inferior - they are rich in both amino acids and trace elements, as well as natural fatty acids and macroelements.

Arginine increases blood flow to the genitals, which prolongs and increases erection. Magnesium and zinc increase testosterone production. Selenium corrects the process of spermatogenesis, and calcium prevents premature ejaculation.

Almond kernels can rightfully be called one of the best. About 25-30 g per day is enough to correct the sexual activity of representatives of the brutal half of the population.

Siberian medicine for men

Siberians are famous for their masculine abilities. The secret of strong potency and unique sexual power lies in the use of pine cones and honey for potency; according to the reviews, this is simply an amazing product.

In addition to the B vitamin series, they contain tocopherol. With its help, pine nuts primarily affect the reproductive area of men, restoring the health of the prostate. Thanks to their intake, the quality of sperm improves, parameters of seminal fluid and sperm motility normalize.

While many scientific papers have been written about how walnuts affect potency, very little is known about pine nuts. At the same time, their benefits are many times greater. After all, they completely replenish the reserves of proteins and macroelements and are natural antioxidants and biostimulants. Thanks to them, the work of the digestive, endocrine and cardiovascular systems is improved.

For example, in a recipe with cider components for potency, linden honey and nuts are unique ingredients in terms of strength and potency. About 1 tsp. One miracle mixture per day is enough to have a positive effect not only on potency, but also on all human structures.


Among all known species, experts mention nutmeg. The presence of pectin with starch and copper with iodine, as well as sulfur with selenium, helps to improve the functioning of reproductive structures.

A natural aphrodisiac - nutmeg, which gives strength, can be added to bread dough, salads, compotes and jams. It will give a spicy taste to fish, meat dishes and vegetable stews. Its aroma will excite appetite, including sexual desire. However, the vitamin combination will have a direct beneficial effect on the sexual area of men.

Popular recipes include cocktails to improve male sexual performance. So, you can make an addition to salads - for strength, you can add some crushed seeds to sour cream and nuts or yogurt-banana mixture. Similarly, if you take it 1-2 hours before, you can gather strength before an upcoming intimate meeting.

When used regularly, the spice is an excellent remedy for prostatitis, prostate adenoma and erectile dysfunction. In general, thanks to it, it has a direct effect on the whole body.

Contraindications for use

When answering which nuts increase male potential, experts emphasize that the product may have negative effects. Among the limitations and contraindications, the following should be noted:

  • individual intolerance to a certain variety;
  • tendency to allergic food reactions;
  • overweight of various etiologies, including food;
  • urolithiasis/cholelithiasis.

A person does not always know that he will be intolerant to a product. For example, walnuts for male potency, according to reviews, rarely cause allergic disorders. Peanuts are the number one risk factor for anaphylactic shock.

If you have the slightest doubt about the benefits of this aphrodisiac, it is recommended to consult a specialist and undergo a medical examination - for example, allergy tests. This will avoid severe complications and erectile dysfunction, allergic impotence.

A man who eats nuts to increase potency

App reviews

  • "Since I was young, I always buy them and take a healing mixture with honey - I chop 100 g in a blender and put it in a jar with bee elixir. I take it every day before breakfast and I am awake all day, and in the evening this "medicine" allows me to be active in bed with my wife".
  • "My sexual youth is over soon. However, I have no intention of retiring - intimate meetings give me the same pleasure. A friend told me the secret. He lived for many years in the East, where men do not lose interest in the opposite sex until they are very old. Now I use their wisdomand I keep my erection high. "
  • "The information about which nuts are best for potency was given to me by a sex therapist, whom I consulted when I noticed that my libido was weak. He also recommended me a natural remedy - a mixture of different kernels to restore potency. 50 g of walnuts, raisins, almonds, hazelnuts andgrind peanuts in a blender. Then add it to yogurt, sour cream, or just eat it with porridge for breakfast, then there will be no problem with erection. Although nutmeg increases sexual desire - with this spice, it is better to prepare food for an important meeting with a partner who is expected to have sex. It allows you to relax and enjoy more in bed. "