Products that rapidly increase potency

Stressful situations, overweight problems, a sharp rise in blood pressure and an unbalanced diet are an incomplete list of factors that cause erectile dysfunction in men.

potentially useful products

In order for men to maintain their sexual function for many years, it is necessary to eat properly, preferring healthy foods.

It is important to understand that temporary diets will not solve this problem. They can help to lose weight and relieve increased stress on the liver and kidneys. However, when it comes to maintaining male strength, it is necessary to choose products that will be included in the daily diet.

When designing a daily menu, it should be borne in mind that there is a group of products (natural aphrodisiacs) that immediately increase the tone of men, and most of them are not exotic.


Parsley is rich in B vitamins, PP and ascorbic acid. However, a special substance, apigenin, helps increase male potency. It has antioxidant properties, but its most important quality is to increase the blood supply to the pelvic organs.

Apigen suppresses the production of estrogen (female hormone), the excess of which causes sexual weakness in men.

Daily consumption of herbs (at least 50 grams) will improve the quality of sexual intercourse. It is recommended to prepare a vegetable salad with the addition of parsley to increase mobility.


This product contains almost all B vitamins, organic acids, trace elements (iron, potassium and magnesium). If the cause of impotence is chronic inflammation of the prostate gland (prostatitis), the use of celery root will be especially useful.

After application, it has the following effects on the male body:

  • sperm activity increases;
  • increased sexual desire (increased libido);
  • improves blood flow in the pelvic organs;
  • hormonal balance stabilizes.

It is recommended to use the roots of the plant to increase the potential. To do this, you can prepare different salads by adding herbs. The juice can be squeezed from the stem of celery, which is used as a fortified cocktail with citrus fruits.

Sea products

Seafood (oysters, squid, shrimp, crab) can increase sexual desire due to increased concentrations of protein, polyunsaturated fats and B vitamins. This is facilitated by the presence of trace elements such as selenium and zinc.

Consumption of seafood affects the body as follows:

  • Increases the functionality of the prostate gland.
  • Normalize the process of spermatogenesis.
  • Metabolic processes are activated.
  • The human hormone increases testosterone production.

To quickly restore male potency, some nutritionists recommend eating raw seafood delicacies. But it is better not to do it - it can cause poisoning, so any seafood should be boiled first and only then become part of a romantic dinner before intimacy.


Any type of nuts can increase male potency. Pistachios are preferred because they contain a lot of arginine. This substance increases blood flow to the pelvic organs, eliminates the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Other types of nuts improve the quality of intimate relationships by increasing libido.

If a man eats 70-100 grams of pistachios a few hours before sexual intercourse, it will help prevent fiasco in bed.


One of the best ways to quickly restore potential. The product collected from the flowers of natural aphrodisiacs (jasmine, marjoram) is considered useful.

Honey, along with ground nuts, improves erectile function, increases the quality of intimacy.


It is known that when there is not enough water in the body, then various problems begin to occur: First, the metabolism slows down due to thickening of the blood and slow flow of blood vessels, including a weak erection; Second, the general state of health deteriorates, a feeling of fatigue arises, we blame stress, libido levels decrease, and thus the potential; Third, there are problems in the joints due to insufficient lubrication of the joints. In addition, dehydration increases cholesterol levels and causes many health problems.

It is recommended to use products that eliminate the cause of impotence after consulting a doctor. This is due to the fact that they have a number of contraindications that limit their scope.

It is also important to remember regular physical activity and timely treatment of concomitant diseases. For example, with persistent arterial hypertension, severe atherosclerotic process, or diabetes mellitus, it is foolish to expect miracles from ordinary foods without adequate therapy for existing pathologies.