Fast-acting products for potency in men

Men and women are interested in the question: is it possible to increase potency with the help of food? It is possible, but with a caveat. Erectile dysfunction is caused by various reasons and is not an independent disease. Therefore, in some cases, the inclusion of certain foods in the diet and adherence to diets do not give the desired result. If a man notices that something is wrong with his erection, you should consult an andrologist and undergo a complete examination.

What products help to increase potency and normalize sexual intercourse? There are many of them, we will talk about the most effective and profitable for the consumer.

Nuts of any kind are a staple!

Hazelnuts are extremely beneficial for male health and potency. They include:

  • zinc;
  • magnesium;
  • potassium;
  • vitamins;
  • in some (almonds) - sulfur.

These substances and trace elements have a beneficial effect on the work of the cardiovascular system, improve blood circulation in the genitourinary organs and strengthen the immune system. Men who eat walnuts, pistachios, peanuts or almonds in their daily diet are less likely to consult doctors with erectile dysfunction than others. Mixing one tablespoon of walnuts with the same amount of honey gives a good effect. One spoon a day is enough to see improvements in intimate life!

nuts for potency

Oysters and seafood in the fight against erectile dysfunction

Oysters and seafood contain a lot of zinc. This substance is indispensable only for the normal functioning of the genitals. It has been established that zinc deficiency in the male body can cause serious diseases, including prostatitis. In modern medicine, products containing zinc are included in the therapeutic diet for prostatitis, benign hyperplasia of the prostate gland and other genitourinary pathologies.

In addition to zinc, oysters and seafood contain:

  • complex of vitamins, including D, B, C;
  • iodine and fluorine;
  • molybdenum and nickel;
  • calcium and potassium;
  • polyunsaturated fatty acids, including those not produced by the human body.

Oysters are the most useful for male potential from seafood. They have a complex positive effect on the body, improve blood composition and microcirculation in organs, strengthen the immune system, and help eliminate free radicals.

oysters for potency

Garlic and onion - an unexpected tool for potency

While the inhabitants of the Caucasus and Eastern countries are famous for their male strength, they regularly eat onions and garlic. What makes these foods indispensable in the fight against impotence? First of all, the supply of zinc and selenium. Selenium has been found to help prevent prostate cancer and other diseases of the male reproductive system. This means that these products will be useful for increasing potency.

Onions and garlic have a number of positive properties.

  1. Antibacterial. The most common cause of erectile dysfunction is inflammation in the genitourinary system. Regular consumption of onion and garlic helps fight infections and therefore erectile dysfunction.
  2. Diuretic. Stimulation of urine flow is important in the treatment of prostatitis and other diseases that cause poor potency. Onions are better than chemicals for this job.
  3. Normalization of metabolism. Fresh onion juice lowers blood sugar, which is important for diabetes. This disease is one of the factors that can cause erectile dysfunction, and fighting it is an important step towards improving potency.

Remember that during heat treatment, onions and garlic lose a significant part of their properties. Therefore, use them when preparing salads or simply as an appetizer for main dishes.

onion and garlic for strength

Quail eggs are a great product for potential!

Eggs are the most convenient product to effectively improve male potency. They contain vitamins, lecithin, minerals and proteins. If you have trouble getting quail eggs, you can eat chicken. However, they also contain harmful substances for the male body.

If you want to increase the positive effect of eggs, we recommend using an interesting recipe popular in antiquity.

  1. Take 1. 5 cups of whole cow's milk.
  2. Add a spoonful of natural bee honey.
  3. Add a teaspoon of brewer's yeast and a raw egg to the resulting liquid (if quail - then 4-5).

Become Beware! If you have liver problems, then limit the number of eggs or completely remove them from your diet. Chicken eggs are contraindicated in hepatitis, cirrhosis and other similar diseases.

quail egg for strength

Herbs and spices - the secret of male power

In the East and the Caucasus, herbs and spices are indispensable and traditional foods in the diet. At the same time, men practically do not experience problems with potency. Scientists became interested in this phenomenon and learned that many herbs contain substances that are powerful aphrodisiacs. What can you eat to increase potency?

  1. Anise in any form, including liqueurs.
  2. Celery in green or juice form. It not only strengthens the erection, but also increases endurance.
  3. Fennel has the same effect as celery.
  4. Sesame or its oil. Together with bee honey, it strengthens the effect.
  5. Among the spices, vanilla, rosemary, cumin and cloves are considered the best.

Remember that many spices are contraindicated in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. If in doubt, consult your doctor.

greens for potential

What foods impair potency

First of all, it's alcohol. Men know that a small amount of beer increases erection, but the effect is short-lived. In addition, regular consumption of alcoholic beverages causes problems related to erectile dysfunction.

The following foods are harmful to male potency:

  • meat of poultry and industrial animals;
  • products containing caffeine;
  • smoked food;
  • a large amount of natural milk;
  • soy - contains phytoestrogens.
seafood for potential

For men who want to preserve their potential until old age, it is better to give up salty food - chips, crackers.

Nutrition is the most important component of human life and health. How and what a person eats depends on his health and potential.

Store-bought meatballs, sandwiches, sausages, ready-made pasta and mashed potatoes, sausages, etc. An unbalanced diet, which includes fast food products like

You should give up low-quality products in favor of natural products that increase the potential to improve health and sexual function.

What foods increase potency?

Sea products

Seafood is rich in zinc and selenium - key minerals that affect male sexual function. Seafood such as flounder, mackerel, salmon, shrimp, crayfish, squid are important for sexual health. In addition to vitamins and minerals, oily marine fish contain omega-3 and omega-6, the main fatty acids involved in testosterone biosynthesis.


nuts with honey for potency

Nuts for men are a storehouse of nutrients and trace elements that the body does not receive with improper or poor nutrition. In order to maintain health for many years and not to face problems of an intimate nature, a man is recommended to follow a balanced diet, give up bad habits and do sports.

Walnuts, almonds, pistachios, pine nuts are a storehouse of vitamins and minerals, vegetable protein, essential oils and fiber. The arginine in significant doses in walnuts, an amino acid that improves blood circulation and has a rich internal composition, has a positive effect on erectile function.

An effective folk recipe for increasing potency is a mixture of nuts with honey after chopping the nuts for easier digestion (nuts are required). Take 1-2 teaspoons of the mixture 3-4 hours before going to bed.


The beneficial properties of parsley for men have been known since ancient times. Parsley contains the substance apigenin, which inhibits the production of female sex hormones in the male body, which in turn prevents the production of testosterone. In addition, parsley is an excellent remedy for the prevention of prostatitis. Parsley, onions, cilantro, spinach, in addition to organic vitamin and mineral content, contain plant analogs of male sex hormones (androsterone).


Egg is a perfectly balanced product rich in protein, fatty acids, vitamins and trace elements. It is not recommended to eat raw eggs because. their digestibility is worse and there is a risk of collecting germs and salmonella on the surface of the shell. Eggs contain cholesterol, which is necessary for the male body as a building material for sex hormones. As cholesterol levels drop, so do testosterone levels. But high cholesterol levels are no less dangerous than low ones: cholesterol begins to deposit on the walls of blood vessels, which leads to atherosclerosis and blockage of blood vessels. Nutritionists have argued for a long time about how many eggs to consume: some argue that two eggs every two days is the maximum norm, while others argue that eggs can be eaten every day, because it contains a substance that regulates cholesterol levels and prevents higher growth. .

Garlic and onion

Garlic and onions increase blood circulation in the genitals, activate testosterone production, increase potency, have a prophylactic effect on prostatitis, have antibacterial properties, help the body cope with various bacterial diseases. Garlic and onions are rich in vitamins and minerals, and garlic contains the trace element selenium, which is essential for men. In the monasteries, it was forbidden to eat onions due to their aphrodisiac properties.


meat for strength

In ancient times, meat was the main source of male power. And this is not surprising, because meat contains animal proteins and amino acids, which are necessary for the male body. But you should be careful when eating meat, because it contains cholesterol and a lot of fat, uncontrolled consumption can lead to obesity. It is good to eat fresh meat without fat (veal, beef, chicken, rabbit, turkey).

In order for meat to have a positive effect on potency, it is worth giving preference to low-fat varieties with a high degree of assimilation and a high content of nutrients. For example, bear meat has the highest zinc content, lean beef is second, and pork liver rounds out the top three. The right choice will give strength to men for many years and prevent disorders.

Root vegetables: celery and ginger

Celery and ginger are two root vegetables that help improve men's health. Celery is useful for men because it contains the male sex hormone androsterone, which is responsible for erection and secondary sexual characteristics. Celery and ginger contain all the vitamins and minerals necessary for potency and are preventive against prostatitis. The most useful parts of ginger and celery are the roots.

Oysters and mussels

Oyster is considered a champion for its zinc content. Famous for his loving nature, Casanova ate 50 oysters for breakfast. The beneficial properties of shellfish in improving erectile function were associated with a high content of organic zinc, but recent studies have found that, in addition to zinc, shellfish are rich in rare amino acids that activate the production of sex hormones. For maximum effect, oysters and mussels should be consumed raw, as a significant part of the amino acids is lost during heat treatment. Scientists note that molluscs caught in spring have the highest concentration of amino acids, because mollusks are actively reproducing during this period.