What is good for potency?

exercise for potency

For any man, the issue of potency is not only very intimate, but also painful. Representatives of the stronger sex also consider stable, normal potential as one of the characteristics of this power. And it is not without reason, because the ability to have sex as the appropriate desire arises, the ability to satisfy and personally enjoy a woman is important for spiritual harmony and a sense of life with all its charms.

Potential fades - complexes arise, stress increases, irritability and dissatisfaction with life arise. And most importantly, problems with potency determine the health of the male body as a whole. Thus, it becomes an indicator of potential male health. This means that what is good for potential is good for health in general: a balanced spiritual state, a rational balanced diet, adequate sleep and rest, as well as exercise.

Today's crazy pace of life often becomes a constant stress every day for many men. A man has to do everything: to ensure the financial well-being of his family, not to be overwhelmed at work, to help his wife, to communicate with friends. As an option, take the dog for a walk, take the son to kindergarten or go to a parent-teacher meeting as an adult child.

Everything needs to be done on time and often there is not enough time for everything. Nerves are tense, the mind is constantly working, and the brain does not fully rest due to short-term sleep at night. . . The body is in a constant state of stress, which has a completely negative effect on sexual desire and ability. understand

What is useful

But another thing is useful for the potential - to experience a sense of peace from rest more often, to rest after a working day, to get a good night's sleep and to regularly go for long walks. Excessive work tires any person, weakens the psyche and general tone. This means that you should avoid overexertion and unnecessary stress if possible, and take adequate time to rest.

What a man eats is also important for potency. Products absorbed by the body either give it strength and energy, or gradually accumulate in the body with unnecessary garbage, pollute it and affect functionality. When it comes to foods that are good for potency, seafood tops the list.

What foods increase potency in men? Fish, oysters, caviar, shrimps, crabs are not only sexual "doping", but also healthy products. Mackerel and flounder are considered the most useful for potency. The main male hormone - testosterone - cannot be fully produced without a product like meat. This means that for normal strength, you need to include this source of protein in your diet, although it should be moderate and not too fatty.

For normal strength, you need to eat eggs, vegetables (especially onions and garlic) and fruits (especially citrus fruits and pomegranates). According to experts, nuts, honey, sesame and prunes will be extremely useful for strength. Do not forget about fermented milk products, herbs and spices (cumin, anise, tarragon, curry).

And of course sports, sports and more sports. Physical activity saturates the body with oxygen, strengthens the heart and accelerates blood flow through the vessels. In addition, exercise relieves stress and increases the level of endorphins - hormones of happiness - in the body. Doctors say that aerobic running, brisk walking, swimming and jumping rope are the most "beneficial" for potency.

About harmful things

But in some cases, according to physiologists, bodybuilding can be harmful (increased load is often characterized by the use of supplements that increase muscle mass); cycling and chess (compresses the pelvic bones, which causes blood circulation problems); parkour (excessive loads, increased adrenaline release).

In any case, if you train correctly, without torturing the body and body, without "fanaticism" and primarily for yourself and your own pleasure, sports will be extremely useful for the absolute potential.

Now, no matter how much the young skeptics smile, given their victories with women, regularity in intercourse is also beneficial for potency. Prolonged abstinence from sex is not desirable for the potential, as are constant chaotic relationships and changing partners. Everything, including sexual relations, should be moderate and tasteful.